‘No one can inform us what occurred’: Household of man who died in Timmonsville police custody desires solutions

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – The family of a man who died after being hit in the head by a Timmonsville police officer say they are fighting for answers.

“We need answers,” said Jessica Homan, the wife of Charles Green. “We have no evidence of what happened. We want to understand why we don’t see things. Nobody can tell us what happened. “

Charles Green, 33, of Timmonsville, died two days after a police chase that resulted in a physical altercation and ravage in the head. His family said they were in the hospital with him before he died. More than a month later, they said they hadn’t heard from the Timmonsville police or the South Carolina law enforcement agency.

“We shouldn’t have a situation where you move from police custody to death,” said Bakari Sellers, the family’s lawyer. “We want to clarify this period of time.”

The family held a press conference with Sellers at the Florence County Judicial Center on Tuesday. Sellers said that having an officer tased green in the head is not unacceptable under any circumstances.

“We know he was Tased in the head,” said Sellers. “We believe this is negligent, if not grossly negligent. I’m pretty sure any police officer will tell you that you don’t get people on your mind. “

Sellers also said he wanted to suppress any rumors that Green’s death was a drug overdose. There is no evidence that this was an overdose, ”he said.

“We know there was some kind of conflict between Green and the officer and we’re still trying to understand that,” he said.

Sellers so far have said he was satisfied with SLED’s investigation into death. He said one of the main problems is that there is no body camera footage of the incident. “These body cameras, if they were there, would not only protect people like these so we could have answers, but they would also protect officials.”

However, Timmonsville Police Chief Thomas McFadden told News13 that the officers were wearing body cameras and that SLED has the video. The investigation continues with SLED.

Green’s parents, Shirlene and Charles E. Green, were also at the press conference with his children. My son didn’t deserve this. And now I’m lost without a child, ”said Shirlene Green. “I want answers.”

Green’s wife says his little daughter wants answers too. “She wants to know why her father is not here. I don’t have these answers for you. I can only tell her that we love him. “

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