New dad and mom discover assist from Sanford Youngsters’s CHILD Providers New Arrivals lessons

SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) – Being a new parent comes with its challenges and scary moments.

One Sioux Falls family welcomed in their new bundle of joy and then spent the next 10 days in the pediatric ICU after their newborn stopped taking milk and had difficulty breathing.

Baby Ari’s first few days of life were intense.

“We called an ambulance, and they came and strapped his little car seat to the gurney,” said Ari’s mom. “We got to the emergency room and they jumped into action, it was kind of surreal watching all of that happen. it was sort of an out-of-body experience watching his little body on the bed.”

Ari’s trip to the emergency room started when his mom brought him to the Sanford Children’s CHILD Services New Arrivals class, concerned about him not taking milk.

“And during that time is when we noticed he was having some difficulty breathing,” said Brittany Christon, Nursing Supervisor of perinatal community services.”

The lactation consultant knew something was wrong, and 9-1-1 was called.

“He kind of got dusky, or blue in the mouth and we knew at that time he needed care,” Christion said.

Baby Ari would spend 10 days in the pediatric ICU for an issue with his body producing too much insulin, driving down his glucose.

Once he was stabilized, he was cleared to go back home again. “He’s been doing great,” mom said. “And I’ve been able to breastfeed him regularly and he’s been gaining weight and he is doing so well. And it’s wonderful to think of how he’s doing so well compared to how he was doing the day we came.”

Ari’s mom says she’s so grateful for what she considers an incredible resource for new moms with Sanford Children’s CHILD Services. She knows that if she hadn’t gone in that day, asking for help with Ari, things could have ended differently.

“I replayed that day that they came in a number of times in my head,” said Christion. “I think how it could have been so different if we wouldn’t have done what we did.” Ari now makes frequent trips back. “I always say it’s his happy place because he’s always so happy here and I like to call Brittany and Theresa his magical fairy godmothers because they were so sweet,” said Ari’s mom.

She recommends any new parent seek out similar support groups and resources.

“Parenting is hard and I think people struggle with seeking out these services but I would encourage people to come because we love to see you and we love to help and we want to hear those struggles so you know you’re not alone,” said Christian.

More information about Sanford Children’s CHILD Services and the New Arrivals class can be found here:

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