My ex requested for a paternity take a look at earlier than he’d pay little one help – I used to be NOT anticipating the outcomes

PATERNITY tests are often required when two people are battling it out in court over child support.

However, one woman was not expecting to find out her former partner was not the father of her child when she went through the process.


A woman revealed that she discovered her ex was not her daughter’s father after they took a paternity testCredit: TikTok/mommy.isa
She had cheated ONCE and got pregnant from that one time


She had cheated ONCE and got pregnant from that one timeCredit: TikTok/mommy.isa

Taking to social media, mom of four Isabel Rubio admitted that her past came back to haunt her when she battled her ex in court.

In a TikTok trend, the 27-year-old wrote: “Me opening the paternity results I voluntarily agreed to do for child support proceedings…

“The one time I cheated.”

In a second video, she then explained that when she was just 15 years old, she was dating a man who was much older than her: nine years older than her to be exact.

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“When I was 17, I then cheated on him,” she admitted, saying that it was “just one time.”

“We went through the whole pregnancy together, he was even at the birth of my daughter.

“It was a little bit afterwards that we split up, we weren’t getting along.

“It was already not a good relationship but we were trying. But we decided to share custody and during the whole process, he voluntarily told me he wanted to pay child support and he didn’t want to pay more or less than what the government established.

“And for me to get child support, they demand a swab, right. I was so naive and ignorant and I didn’t even think about the time I cheated on him. I thought it was impossible.

“Before I even checked the results in the mail, he had already called me and said ‘Isabel, why does it say that Camila is not mine?’ I thought it was a joke!”

She then confirmed that indeed, the letter did reveal he was not the father.

Following the incident, he walked away and she even claimed they haven’t heard from him in over nine years.

“I don’t blame him for that,” she said.

Rubio then talked about how she reached out to the actual father of her child and told him the news.

Although he tried to step up to the role, he’s not part of their lives.

She says that she is in contact with her daughter’s other siblings through her dad’s side.

Following her posting the video, many people took to the comment section with conflicted emotions.

Some people defended her after she admitted to the huge age gap between her and her ex.

One woman wrote: “It’s not cheating if he shouldn’t have been messing with you in the first place.”

A second said: “Okay but props to you momma!!

“And you guys getting the kiddos together without him is so so so awesome.”

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However, a few people slammed her for actually cheating, despite her simply being a teenager at the time.

“The way you are all trying to jump through hoops like she didn’t almost put an entire child on the wrong person is wild,” one person said.

She later went into detail about the story and admitted that neither man is in her daughter's life


She later went into detail about the story and admitted that neither man is in her daughter’s lifeCredit: TikTok/mommy.isa

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