Mother and father of Summer time Wells attend juvenile courtroom, verify sons are in custody of kid providers | WJHL

HAWKINS COUNTY, Tennessee (WJHL) – Missing 5-year-old Summer Wells’ parents appeared in Hawkins County Juvenile Court for a hearing Tuesday afternoon.

News Channel 11 spoke to Donald Wells and Candus Bly outside the courthouse just after 1 p.m.

Behind the camera, Bly said her sons had been in the care of the Department of Child Protection Services since late last week. Wells had said the same thing over the weekend while on a podcast.

Summer Wells’ father says other children have been removed from the family home

Bly said she didn’t want to say why the other children were removed from the home.

According to Bly, they hired a lawyer.

Summer Wells’ mom responds to social media rumors

Wells said his other children are safer now that they are in DCPS custody, but he has not elaborated or specified how.

Bly told News Channel 11 that her daughter Summer’s disappearance is a completely different situation than that which led to child services involvement.

Sheriff’s Office becomes lead agency in organizing future searches for Summer Wells

Court documents were not available due to the age of the young people involved. The Hawkins County clerk said no new papers had been filed regarding Bly or Wells.

Summer Wells was first reported missing on June 15, and a nationwide AMBER alert was issued the next day. As of Tuesday, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said just under 1,070 tips had been received

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