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Divorce papers filed by Melinda Gates show the philanthropist is not seeking support from her billionaire husband – and that they did not have a prenup. See the documents here.

One day after the powerhouse couple announced their shocking breakup, invoice and Melinda Gates‘Divorce papers have been revealed. The documents that Melinda filed in Washington State on May 3 show that the couple did not enter into a pre- or post-marital agreement in their 27-year marriage. 56-year-old Melinda will not seek support from her future ex-husband, whose net worth is $ 130 billion.

Bill and Melinda had a separation agreement, according to the records of HollywoodLife. Melinda mentioned the contract several times in her filing, but the details of the contract itself were not disclosed. She calls the reason for the divorce an “irretrievably broken” marriage. The couple’s three children are adults, so no custody or maintenance arrangements are required.

Washington Supreme CourtBill Melinda Gates divorce papersWashington Supreme Court

The billionaire philanthropists announced their divorce on Twitter, much to the public’s surprise. “After much thought and work on our relationship, we made the decision to end our marriage. In the past 27 years we have raised three incredible children and created a foundation that works around the world to help everyone live healthy and productive lives, ”the joint statement said.

In closing, they said they will continue to work together at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, “but we no longer believe that we can grow together as a couple in the next phase of our lives.” Bill and Melinda, who married in September 1994, asked for privacy when they “began to navigate this new life”.

A top Seattle divorce attorney said recently HollywoodLife that they wouldn’t be surprised if Melinda refused to ask for assistance from their spouses. “The main basis for applying for spousal assistance is the need of one party vis-à-vis the solvency of the other party,” said the lawyer Brent Bohan explained in our EXCLUSIVE interview. “I mean, he clearly has the ability to pay and no one is going to argue. But the problem becomes what she needs. She goes away with billions and billions of dollars. He doesn’t have to keep paying your money. “

Bill Melinda GatesBill & Melinda Gates receive the French Legion of Honor in 2017 (Pierre Villard / Sipa / Shutterstock)

How much of the $ 130 billion Melinda will receive in divorce is in the air. While Washington is a community-owned state, that doesn’t mean they’ll split the fortune 50/50, Bohan explained. “In general, in billions of dollars like this, it’s really difficult to determine what is fair because everyone can get away with more money than they could spend in 100 lives.”

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