Meet Two Enjoyable-Loving Brothers Who Love Sports activities and Video Video games

Marcelino and Modesto are fun-loving, personable brothers who love video games, play basketball and soccer with friends, and be outside. Marcelino is a curious, creative, and active nine-year-old while eight-year-old Modesto is known for his amazing sense of humor, upbeat attitude, and kindness of heart.

“Both Marcelino and Modesto have stated that they are ready to be adopted and share the desire for a home forever. They both have an incredible sense of humor and there’s no shortage of cheeky jokes when you are around them! “Says Reina, her child-specific recruiter.

When Reina thinks about her ideal home forever and what Marcelino and Modesto need most to thrive, she says: “Structure, openness to expectations and what schedules look like, and a willingness to express love and get involved, that’s it Most important qualities parents must have when taking care of Marcelino and Modesto. “

An ideal family structure for these lovable brothers is a two-parent home that helps the boys maintain family relationships at birth. Marcelino and Modesto would thrive in a loving home, helping them feel comfortable, being open to children with psychological needs, and understanding how trauma can manifest through behavior.

“When raising children with trauma, it is difficult to predict what behaviors and reactions will look like,” says Reina. “Ideal parents for Marcelino and Modesto will be flexible, patient and able to express their feelings.”

Due to a history of trauma, Marcelino has problems feeling “big” emotions and can sometimes feel sad. Modesto has struggled with his reaction to negative feelings in the past, but has made incredible strides since he was moved to his current nursing home. Both Marcelino and Modesto are currently working with a therapist to talk about their trauma and create a narrative.

With the love, support and guidance of the right family, Marcelino and Modesto can develop their full potential. “You are so ready to be in your home forever!” says Reina. “They will add a lot of substance to a family by bringing in their sense of humor and willingness to be active and creative. These guys are incredibly cute and would add a lot of love to a family unit. “

Please note details

Marcelino and Modesto both qualify for the IWCA (Indian Child Welfare Act). Currently, the team is considering non-native families, although keeping them connected and committed to their culture is very important for any family. Under contracts with the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the cost of adopting a foster child in Minnesota is virtually free for families.

Find out more about Marcelino and Modesto

If you would like to learn more about Marcelino and Modesto, please contact Reina Nelson at [email protected]. Families may be required to provide certain documentation for complete information.

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