Meet Sean: A Curious and Outdoorsy Eighth-Grader

Sean is a nature-loving, talkative, and curious eighth grader who is always ready to try new things and explore new places. He loves learning random facts about almost anything so that he can share his knowledge with others.

As a huge science fiction and fantasy fan, Sean loves almost every movie, book, or TV show in this genre. Recently Sean enjoyed the Marvel Cinematic Universe and loves getting to know all of the unique and interesting characters.

“There’s never just one thing with Sean,” says his child-specific recruiter Kelli, “he’s always looking for something new!”

While Sean and Kelli haven’t been able to see each other in person lately, they recently checked out FaceTime and Sean said he was looking forward to learning to drive and getting a job.

When thinking about his future family, Sean says he would love to have a mother, father, and pets. To best support Sean’s needs, his future parents should be patient, empathetic, and open to new experiences and professional services. Sean would live best in an area with ample access to lakes, parks, and nature – like Lake Bde Maka Ska in Minneapolis or Lake Superior in Duluth.

Sean is happiest when he’s outdoors and physically active. He’s always eager to help with outdoor projects, whether he’s building something or helping with mowing the lawn. In addition to being near parks and nature, Sean needs to have access to professional support services such as therapy and ILS / PCA services.

It is also crucial that Sean is able to keep in touch with his two brothers who are very important to him. He often worries about them and how they are doing. His future family members should support Sean and advocate that he has more time with his biological siblings.

“Despite the difficulties in his life, Sean has a really big heart,” says Kelli. “He always checks in to make sure you’re okay. He wants to be involved in your life and have a sense of belonging and stability. “

While the challenges Sean faces aren’t easy, he longs for a family – someone to call mom and dad, a place to call home. “Sean says he wants a family,” says Kelli, “but it’s so much more than that.” He wants stability, security, love. A parent or parents he can rely on and who will stand up for him. “

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Under contracts with the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the cost of adopting a foster child in Minnesota is virtually free for families.

Learn more about Sean

To learn more about Sean please contact Kelli Hanson at [email protected] or 651-255-2245. Families may be required to provide certain documentation for complete information.

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