Meet Colby: An Energetic and Adventurous Youth

Meet Colby, a 12 year old with an energetic and adventurous mind. He hopes to find a family one day who will take him on outdoor adventures and love him unconditionally. “Colby is a very cute boy who loves to be loved,” says child-specific recruiter Sara.

He’s happiest when he’s playing with Legos, Pokemon, or watching adventure films. He also loves to cook, play sports, visit lakes and parks, make art, play video games, and learn about science – especially rocks, insects, and other animals.

Colby expresses himself through a wide variety of emotions and behaviors, including aggressive. It would be ideal if his future family could find services to help with these behaviors and help resolve these problems at home. He needs a family that offers a lot of love and patience, support, supervision, and personal attention.

Life events that include trauma and loss naturally have a significant impact on Colby’s emotional and mental health. “Therapy will be critical to his or her well-being,” says Sara. “His future family must be open to communication so that he can control his feelings about trauma.” Colby would get along best with a two-parent household or a single female parent, with children older than him, or as an only child. Living in a safe, stable environment is very important to him.

With the right support, access to mental health services, and love for family, Colby will thrive. “He’s a cute, silly, thoughtful boy,” says Sara. “He loves to cuddle and be loved. As a young child, he missed loving connections and really longs to have that in his life. “

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Under contracts with the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the cost of adopting a foster child in Minnesota is virtually free for families.

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If you’d like to learn more about Colby, please contact Sara Jeske at [email protected] or 651-255-2237. Families may be required to provide certain documentation for complete information.

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