Meet a Caring Youth Who Loves Animals and the Open air

Mathew is a fun, friendly, thoughtful 14 year old who loves science and is discovering new things, which shows in his innate curiosity about the world around him. His adventurous spirit makes him feel at home in nature, where he enjoys fishing, climbing trees and working on outdoor projects.

“Mathew lights up when he’s around animals, especially when he’s around dogs and horses,” says his child-specific recruiter Sara Jeske. The last time he and Sara spent time together, they went to a horse ranch where Mathew talked about how much he loved horses and how they made him feel at peace.

As he thinks of his eternal family, Mathew says, “I hope they have pets and other children to play with!” Ideally, Mathew would like to continue living in Duluth, an area with plenty of space to roam and work on outdoor projects. However, it is open to any location in Minnesota as long as it can live within a reasonable distance of its birth siblings, who live in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Wherever Mathew lives, his need for open space is very important to his general well-being. He can be sensitive to situations in which he feels trapped. Therefore, it is important that his future family set clear boundaries and rules while maintaining a high degree of flexibility. Mathew has experienced many trauma in his life, so it is important to keep his family informed about trauma forever. It is important that his future parents have the ability to create a sense of security and structure while maintaining patience and empathy. Mathew is excited but cautious when it comes to moving forward with an everlasting family, but he would really thrive with the right fit.

Despite everything he’s experienced in his 14 years, Mathew is extremely empathetic and caring towards others and always ready to tell a joke, story, or funny fact. “He’s a great kid,” says Sara. “He is helpful, thoughtful, and caring and would be a great addition to a family because he has a big heart.”

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Under contracts with the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the cost of adopting a foster child in Minnesota is virtually free for families.

Learn more about Mathew

If you would like to learn more about Mathew, please contact Sara Jeske at [email protected] or 651-255-2227. Families may be required to provide certain documentation for complete information.

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