Meet a Caring Teen Who Loves Basketball and Video Video games

Youssef is a considerate, kind, and helpful 14 year old who loves video games and is active. “The first thing I noticed about Youssef was his cute and energetic personality!” says Jazzmin, its kid-specific recruiter. “He was very nice on our first visit and really wanted to get to know me. Youssef is very caring. He always asks how my day is going and how my family is doing. “

Like many children his age, he loves to play video games. He is an expert on Fortnite and also loves playing Minecraft and Call of Duty. Some of Youssef’s other favorite activities are exercising, making nutritious smoothies, and baking Rice Krispies treats. He also enjoys walking in the mall, visiting the arcade, and eating out.

The last time Jazzmin and Youssef spent time together they had a special visit as it was the day Youssef got the chance to shoot his Reel Hope video! Youssef had a great time showing off his basketball skills, talking about some of his favorite foods (dark chocolate) and the games and activities he loves most.

My greatest hope is to find a real, loving family for Youssef. – Jazzmin, child-specific recruiter

Fourteen year old boy outdoors in winter wearing plaid shirtWhen Youssef thinks about the type of family that would thrive in Jazzmin, he says, “He would do best in a two-parent house, where he is the only child, or with much younger children and thrive with pets would. Youssef hopes for a family that is loving, supportive, caring and patient and is made up of consistency and structure. “

Based on his personal history, it is important that Youssef’s future family understand past trauma and behavioral responses. He needs a family that will guide and support him through all the ups and downs of life. It is important that Youssef is supported in maintaining ties with his birth family, especially his older sister.

“My greatest hope is to find a real, loving family for Youseff,” says Jazzmin. His bright smile and friendly heart would make him a wonderful addition to the right family. With a lot of love, patience and support, it will flourish!

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Under contracts with the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the cost of adopting a foster child in Minnesota is virtually free for families.

Learn more about Youssef

To learn more about Youssef, please contact Jazzmin Moore at [email protected]. Families may be required to provide certain documentation for complete information.

Check out Youssef’s Reel Hope video

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