MassSupport Community Gives Free Help Companies to Folks in Massachusetts

The COVID-19 pandemic was a uniquely stressful time for almost everyone. Depression and anxiety are a normal response to stress. The MassSupport Network was founded to provide free support services to people of all ages who live in Massachusetts. The program is a partnership between the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health and Riverside Community Care.

MassSupport offers:

COVID-19 tip sheets on topics as diverse as children and COVID-19, what to know about masks and how to maximize safety, predictability and control in uncertain times. Tips are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese.

Youtube videos Coping with coping strategies and mindfulness, forms of grief and experiences of adolescents during the pandemic.

Online screening tools Assess problems related to substance use, depression, anxiety, gambling, trauma, and mood swings. Completing the screenings can help determine whether your thoughts or behaviors – or those of someone you care about – could be linked to a treatable mental health problem.

A link to, a family-friendly website for parents of school aged children in Massachusetts who are concerned about their child’s mental health. Site translations are available in Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

Contacting yourself or loved ones and asking for help is a good thing and can be an important first step in feeling better about yourself. To learn more about MassSupport or to access services:

Call 888-215-4920. at
Email to [email protected]

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