Manhattan Youngster Custody Lawyer Juan Luciano Explains How Youngster Custody Is Decided in NYC

Manhattan child custody lawyer Juan Luciano releases a new article ( that explains how New York State determines Child Custody. The lawyer says that caring for the well-being of the children is the most important thing when it comes time to divorce or separation. Following a divorce, both parents are responsible for their children’s emotional and physical well-being.

“In New York, laws are set up to protect the best interest of the child. Child custody lawyers and the courts will take a close look at the physical, emotional, and financial family dynamics in order to ensure that the children are best served in any custody determination,” says the Manhattan child custody lawyer.

The lawyer explains that the court will protect the child’s best interests in a divorce proceeding and will consider many factors prior to granting custody. These factors include the place the child will be living, the environment in each of the parent’s homes, the work schedules of the parents, history and substance abuse, income, and where the child will go to school.

Attorney Juan Luciano states that the courts will always seek to favor what is best for the child. Each parent can become too involved with the divorce proceedings and the emotional distress caused by it and forget about their children’s welfare, unconsciously.

In the article, Attorney Luciano says that parents should protect their children’s best interest in custody disputes. However, this could prove difficult at times when emotions are high. This is when the legal system in New York steps in to be the objective third party. The courts will determine custody according to what is best for the children.

According to the divorce lawyer, “Most custody concerns are dealt with through the normal hearing process which may take a certain amount of time. But there are times when one parent is concerned that the child is at imminent risk of being harmed or removed from the state. An emergency order, or ex parte order, is a temporary custody order that is initiated by that parent. A true emergency will then be streamlined in order to protect the safety of the child.”

Lastly, the lawyer emphasizes how important it is to seek the help of an experienced family law attorney when dealing with matters involving divorce, child support, and child custody. A skilled family law attorney may be able to help the client understand their rights and responsibilities and also guide them on what their next steps should be.

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