Man in custody after incident on college bus in south Fort Myers


A mother says an armed man broke into a school bus while her daughter was outside with other students on board.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office responded Thursday on Cypress Lake Drive on Winkler Road, south Fort Myers, where we saw MPs arrest a person of interest.

Mother Angelia Thomas was at work when she called her husband to make sure her daughter got home safely from school. Then she heard something that no parents want to hear.

“She said, ‘Well, a guy. We were at a red light. A guy ran to our bus, hit the bus and yelled aggressively at the bus driver, ‘”said Thomas. “I thought, ‘Really?’ She says: ‘Yes, he could pry the door open, stood two steps up, waved a gun and angrily yelled at the bus driver.’ “

Thomas’ daughter is a fifth grader from Edison Park Creative and Expressive Arts School. Her daughter told her that she was comforting other students while the man tried to get on the bus.

“I thought, ‘Were you scared?’ She says: “No, but there were children on the bus who were crying. They were much younger, ‘”said Thomas. “She says, ‘One was first and second graders and another was a kindergarten kid. They cried. So I tried to console her. “

Thomas is grateful that her daughter is fine. She says her daughter said MPs replied immediately.

“The officers could get the guy off the bus and then as soon as the bus driver closed the door he could pry it open one last time before he was arrested,” said Thomas.

The Lee County School District told us everyone on the bus is safe and unharmed during the incident. MPs say they have a person of interest in custody and the investigation remains active.

Thomas said she would be more concerned about her daughter’s safety on the school bus.

“And this shows me that a guy can easily break open a school bus door and get on the bus and hijack the school bus,” said Thomas. “So now I’m really scared of putting my child on the bus in the morning.”

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