Man in custody after capturing at deputies doing welfare verify on baby

Shots at first responders

A Hillsborough County man is behind bars accused of shooting a sheriff’s deputy. It happened after the representative was called home to do a welfare check on a child. FOX 13’s Jordan Bowen has the story.

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, MPs conducting a welfare check on a child were shot down on Sunday afternoon.

It happened on the 15000 block on Countrybrook Street in Greater Northdale. MPs said they heard gunshots when they got to the house. According to the HCSO, a MP’s vehicle on display by the agency was shot dead, but no MPs were injured or returned fire.

“When we got out, I was ‘Oh my god,'” said neighbor Rose Zeiner.

Witnesses reported at least three shots.

“It’s extremely unusual that I’ve lived here since ’01 and we very rarely have calls. We have never had so many police cars with lights in the 20 years I’ve lived here,” said neighbor Jack Walker.

Local agents requested SWAT, but the call was dropped after agents contacted the suspect and the child. The Bomb Disposal Team (BDT) was also activated after the suspect hinted at possible suspicious devices in the house. BDT has cleared the house and no suspicious devices have been found in the residence, according to the HCSO.

Neighbors tell FOX 13 that the couple who live in the house have two young children, including a newborn, and moved to the area about six months ago. A neighbor we spoke to, who didn’t want to go in front of the camera, says she heard screaming from the house a few days ago.

“I want to hear what really happened, but just the fact that there are so many police cars with their lights on is very alarming and very unusual,” said Walker.

The suspect was taken into custody.

The child was not injured.

HCSO is investigating the incident.

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