Little one on life assist after getting caught in roll-up parking storage gate

6 year old boy fighting for his life after a garage door incident

Police said the child was life support after being caught in a parking garage in downtown Orlando.

According to police, a child is life sustaining after being caught in a roller shutter door in Orlando.

Orlando police officers responded to the scene on the 300 block of Concord Street Saturday morning.

The Orlando Police Department initially reported that the child had died. The officers later corrected the situation and said they found out that the boy had received life support.

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“At the moment, it all seems to be a tragic accident,” said police.

Timothy Jessop said he was around when he saw the heartbreaking scene. He said he saw officers use their patrol cars to try to reach the 6-year-old.

“I heard a woman scream, so I ran outside and saw a boy dangling from this parking garage,” said Jessop. “They stopped under the boy and a second stopped by and the officers got on their SUVs and the officer in the middle tried to reach for the boy.”

When the officers took the boy down from the park gate, they quickly performed CPR.

“When I got into the lobby it was pretty intense,” said Mark Johnston, who lives in the building. “There were a lot of policemen. There was a policewoman who tried to revive the young man.”

Orlando police say the boy was rushed to hospital in serious condition.

“It breaks my heart. It really does,” said Jessica Hennie, who lives in the apartment complex. “I saw two scooters on the ground, police cars, duct tape.”

Hennie says there are no playgrounds on or near the property and that she often sees children playing in this parking garage.

“I feel like these kids were playing here because they had nowhere to play around, which is for sure,” said Hennie.

Many are now praying for the boy and his family as he fights for his life in the hospital.

“Sadness. Just sadness,” said Johnston. “He didn’t know what he was getting into, whoever opened the gate. You are probably feeling awful. It’s just a bad situation.”

The apartment complex said it would not be able to comment on an open investigation but instead offered its condolences to the family.

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