Lisa Marie Presley needs cash from Elvis actual property for youngster help

Rebel Wilson is ready to find her … and maybe her undecided friend speaks English.

The actress recently told the Sun about her love life and the London house she recently bought.

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“I love England. I bought an apartment in London and I will definitely spend more time there in the future,” she said. “I’m definitely looking for love because I’m an established person in my career, but it has to be the right person . “

The 41-year-old rebels have been with Jacob Bush for about a year, but the two separated in February.

“I’ll try, I’ll stand there. I’m definitely trying to open my heart and find a great person, ”she said. “I found some great people, it wasn’t all right. I still hunt. “

The “Pitch Perfect” star said he’d rather meet someone organically than digitally.

“If I’m not the person I’m following, don’t send me a DM because I don’t read it,” she said. “It’s like opening the door to something you don’t know … maybe there is something in these DMs.”

The “Pitch Perfect” star said he received everything from bad news to pornographic material. It influenced her decision not to see the news again.

“When someone writes something meaningful about you, you feel a little sad as a person, so I tend not to see it,” she said. “Random on the internet doesn’t really know you, so don’t be mad at what they might say.”

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It should be noted that the rebel’s future spouse should likely be open to children. In a recent Instagram live video, Rebel, who had lost 65 pounds this year, said she had made a decision to get healthy in hopes of raising a family.

“It started when I was looking at what I was going to give birth and the doctor said, ‘Well, if you are healthier, you have a much better chance.'” She said she was angry at the first comment. “I thought I was pretty healthy. That was the reason I started doing it. Reducing obesity increases the likelihood of eggs freezing and improves egg quality. Not at first. It was really [about] I myself thought more about the future minimie. “

Lisa Marie Presley wants money from Elvis Real Estate to support children

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