Legislation enforcement on the lookout for East Texas siblings imagined to be in CPS custody | Crime

The Smith County Sheriff’s Office is searching for and concerned about the safety of two East Texas siblings who should be in the care of the Child Protection Service.

Investigators believe Amber Jackson, 13, and Tristan Jackson, 9, who were housed by CPS with family members in Smith County last week, are with their mother, Cynthia Hodges, their maternal grandfather, Jimmy Hodges, and his wife, Francis “Callie” Hodges could.

They may live in RV parks in the East Texas area, with the last known park they were in being in Longview, according to police.

On June 25, CPS was granted temporary sole management of the Jackson siblings. The order was issued on May 4 by the Polk County Court to Law Judge Tom Brown. The children were then placed with family members in Smith County.

On June 24th, Cynthia Hodges picked up the children of the family named by the CPS in violation of the court order. Shortly after picking up the children, Cynthia Hodges was stopped by law enforcement and arrested for pending arrest warrants. The officer was unaware of the children’s custody issues and allowed her to contact a family member who was not allowed to have the children, police said.

Police said a family member took the children to their maternal grandfather, Jimmy Hodges, and his wife, Francis “Callie” Hodges. Jimmy and Francis Hodges were given the option to return the children to the approved placement family or the CPS, but they refused to do so. Cynthia Hodges is out of jail and Smith County investigators believe the children are with the three Hodges at this point.

The Hodges have a white 2012 Ford 250, an unrecognized license plate, and they could tow an RV. All three people have connections to East and South Texas and could stay in hotels or motels in the area.

As of Tuesday, there are arrest warrants against Cynthia Hodges, Jimmy Hodges and Francis Hodges on two charges each for interference with custody. A bond of $ 100,000 is set for each fee.

Jimmy Hodges is wanted from Dallas and Smith Counties, and Police say Francis Hodges has a warrant for a parole violation.

The sheriff’s office said Cynthia Hodges was a known drug user, and Jimmy and Francis Hodges had extensive criminal backgrounds. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the child or adult should call the Smith County Sheriff’s Office at (903) 566-6600.

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