Lamar Odom Fights Again In opposition to Claims of Being a ‘Deadbeat’ In Little one Assist Lawsuit Filed by Ex-Girlfriend for Their Two Grownup Youngsters

Former NBA player Lamar Odom He may soon find himself in a courtroom with his ex-girlfriend, Liza Morales, after she claimed Odom stopped child support payments last summer.

Page 6 reported that the “Basketball Wives” star filed a lawsuit in the Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday, May 13, alleging that Lamar would no longer provide assistance in June 2020, except for sporadic amounts, sent directly to LJ and their son in a very difficult situation. ”

(LR): Lamar Odom and Liza Morales Photo by Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images. Jemal Countess / Getty Images)

According to Morales, the 2015 agreement saw Odom pay an estimated $ 6,000 per month in child support, tuition, and a life insurance premium of $ 9 million. However, Morales said it has been a year since she received financial support from the former Los Angeles Lakers player and she is now faced with the possibility of being evicted from her Lower Manhattan apartment that she shares with her two children : 19 year old Lamar Jr. and 23 year old Destiney. The two were also parents of another child, Jayden, who was diagnosed with SIDS in infancy, a disease described as the inexplicable death of a seemingly healthy baby under one year of age, usually while asleep Mayo Clinic.

Other complaints from the reality star include that she is unable to pay her $ 5,125 monthly rent and that Lamar Jr. was unable to attend four year college because his father stopped making payments. Documents obtained from the media agency indicate that J. Hill Associates initiated an eviction lawsuit against Morales in December 2020 alleging she owed nearly $ 50,000 in rent back plus interest since February 2020 to $ 78,000, and she is now aiming for nearly $ 200,000 in immediate relief.

It’s unclear whether Morales’ lawsuit would stand in court, as there is a disagreement about when she paid back the rent and when she claims Odom stopped sending payments. Even so, Odom claims that her allegations are not true and that the reality star is only doing so “out of influence”. Although he had no intention of looking into the situation, the former athlete said he “couldn’t let bitter women slander my name”.

Lamar Odom fires back on Liza Morales’ alimony suit. Photo: @ lamarodom / Instagram

In a detailed statement, along with a screenshot of the article about the suit posted on his Instagram page on Saturday, May 15, Odom claims that he has looked after Morales and her children “all their lives”. He wrote: “My children are adults. For the past 18 years I have paid child benefit for CHILDREN on time every month. My children are adults. ”

Odom wrote that Morales had taken no initiative in the past decade to raise an income in excess of what he had provided for child support through his child support payments. The star added, “She is smart, capable, and able to support the lavish lifestyle she wants to live.”

Odom concluded his contribution with the words: “I love my grown children and will support them and their dreams in every possible way. I pray that Liza will find healing and go to a place of independence. I am no longer ashamed of my past mistakes. I own who I am and with a clear mind and conscience I will bring my case to court. “

The former couple met in high school and the two were reportedly engaged at one point. However, over the years, Morales has told news outlets that she knew their relationship came about after Jayden’s death and after Odom’s battle with addiction.

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