Lamar Odom and Liza Morales rip one another over little one assist

Liza Morales (Image Source: Instagram – @ truliza4u)

The ongoing maintenance war between former NBA star Lamar Odom and the mother of his two children, Liza Morales, escalated several notches after Odom was chewed out by the judge on the case.

Morales filed a lawsuit in New York accusing ex-Los Angeles Laker of breaching a 2015 custody agreement, claiming she has not received any payments since 2020.

The judge charged Odom with alleged default in payment. Odom reportedly owes $ 91,000 in child support and Morales $ 83,000 for the apartment she lives in. His name is on the lease. Morales also accuses Odom of falling behind with the agreed $ 24,000 for tuition and housing for her son.

“If Mr. Odom is in good shape to participate in a boxing match, he is certainly in good shape to meet his obligations to support his children under the settlement agreement,” said Matthew Cooper, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice, during a video Hearing, according to the New York Post’s Page Six column.

After the judge’s words went viral, Odom attacked Morales in a letter his 750,000 Instagram followers were supposed to read.

“Enough is enough,” Odom continued in his long inflammatory speech against Morales. “I don’t get a pension from the NBA until I’m 46. I don’t own a CBD line, I haven’t paid $ 40,000 from Celebrity Boxing. Am I building a solid brand? YES. Do I send money to my children every month? In any case!

“Do I support Lisa? No !!! And neither should I be forced to! So I’m going to spend my day in court, I’ve never received any papers, and I’m going to file an injunction against this bitter judge order.

“To the Lizas who sit on their A – es and expect a handout, who lie and manipulate their children, who use their children as pawns, who invent stories and scenarios to attract attention, you can find healing and counseling for your brokenness looking ~ you need. “

Turn the page to see the equally long venom Morales spat on Odom.

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