Kelly Clarkson’s Ex Asks For A Ton Of Baby Help

The Voice judge recently discussed this difficult time during her show. “It’s awful,” she said (via E! News). “There are so many difficult parts, and the hardest part for me are the kids. That’s the hardest part for me.” Clarkson added that as a woman she has been trained to handle everything and be okay, but it is her children that she worries about.

The couple originally had a parenting plan, but things got worse and the court had to intervene. People reported that court documents said that “the level of conflict between the parents had increased.” Parties find it difficult to become parents together because of trust issues between them. “

Clarkson currently resides in Los Angeles where she hosts the Kelly Clarkson Show and The Voice. Your children also attend school in the area. The American Idol winner said Blackstock, who lives in Montana, could visit the kids in LA

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