Kansas Excessive Courtroom orders district courtroom to reopen Mario Chalmers little one assist case

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – After the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that a district court had jurisdiction over a child support case of former KU basketball player Mario Chalmers, the Kansas Supreme Court ordered the retrial.

According to the Kansas Supreme Court, a Florida court has ordered former KU basketball superstar Mario Chalmers to pay for his child in Appeal No. 121,108: Almario V. Chalmers v Brittany Burrough. When he later asked to change the amount of the warrant, he attempted to register the warrant under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act in a Kansas district court where the child lived.

The Sedgwick Co. District Court temporarily changed the order.

The court said Burroughs requested that the change be overturned and Chalmers found that he had failed to include a copy of the Florida order on registration documents as required by law and petitioned the court to allow him to issue the Florida order to be included in the file.

Burroughs then moved to lift the injunction and dismiss the case. She argued that Chalmers’ failure to include the Florida ordinance meant the district court never had jurisdiction on the case.

The district court agreed to Burroughs, reversed the provisional amendment, and dismissed the case.

The Supreme Court said a majority of an appeals court upheld the order, as failure to comply with UIFSA’s requirements essentially resulted in the district court never having jurisdiction on the matter.

In a ruling written by Judge Eric Rosen, the Supreme Court said it had overturned the Court of Appeal’s decision. It stated that the registration requirements in the UIFSA are not a prerequisite for the factual jurisdiction of a district court for an extra-state assistance order.

The Supreme Court said it had referred the case back to the district court so that it could move into the case and consider Chalmers ‘request for inclusion and Burroughs’ request for the amendment to be set aside.

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