Kandi Burruss Tells Haters Why It Was Necessary to Get Youngster Assist for Her Grownup Daughter Riley

If you missed the final season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, hurry up and check it out so you can jump into the Season 13 reunion (split into three parts) and catch up on the latest information. It’s primarily about Kenya Moore and her many fights throughout the season, but it’s also a glimpse of Kandi Burruss’ recent backlash.

According to the reunion clip, Burruss got a lot of hatred for collecting child support for her adult daughter. However, the naughty queen doesn’t have it and tells these haters why it is important to collect it even after her child grows up.

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Season 13 Reunification Recap, Part 1 of ‘RHOA’

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The main focus of RHOA’s reunion in season 13 was mostly Kenya Moore and her drama with Porsha Williams and newcomer Drew Sidora. Burruss and Cynthia Bailey contributed only a small portion to this first of three installments. Andy Cohen goes over a number of topics covered during the season, addressing Porsha and Kenya’s feud about Kenya being so public and speaking about what she’s done for the black community without mentioning Porsha.

Likewise, Kenya argue with Drew over jokes about Kenya calling Drew a “stray,” Drew shadowing Kenya about her family, and Drew’s accusation that Kenya is flirting with Ralph (Drew’s husband). Next, they go into the future of Kenya with Marc Daly and her co-parenting, the story behind her wearing the Native American headdress for Halloween, Kenya’s retweet about Drew’s son, and some weight loss problems that have surfaced since then.

Burruss’ reacts to haters about receiving child benefits

What are you talking about? She is 23. Grown. There are no child support payments. And she’s been living with us for 5 or 6 years.

– Kandi Burruss (@Kandi) December 9, 2019

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Burruss teamed up with the evil Russell ‘Block’ Spencer nearly three decades ago before he found out she was the side chick for a married man with four children. When this news got out, they parted. However, Burruss was pregnant during the breakup and would take care of their daughter Riley without Spencer. Years later, her daughter is now a legal adult, and fans have just found out that Burruss is raising child support – and fans are upset.

Cohen talks about how Kandi got a lot of hatred online for asking for support years after Riley’s youth – in fact, she is well into her college years. Child support is up to $ 92,000, but fans claim it’s barely anything compared to the star’s own fortune, so it’s not right for her to do it that way after the fact.

“You are basically saying he has to pay back his child support. So you give him some time to give a lump sum now and he has to start paying the monthly repayment, ”explains Burruss. She later replies, “Riley wanted it. She said it was her money and it was owed to her. It wasn’t like it was new money or anything. “

Burruss was barely in part one, so we’ll likely see a lot more of her in two and three

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If we know anything about Burruss, then it is anything but “minimal”. The fact that she only had a small spotlight in Part 1 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion tells us we’ll see a lot more of her in Part Two and Three.

With that said, it never gets boring with these fabulously rich ladies, and child support won’t be the last thing you hear from Kandi Burruss. After all, a woman strong enough to endure two tragic shootings in one lifetime is unlikely to sit back and let the other ladies be in the limelight during the season 13 reunion of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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