Invoice to simplify little one assist passes third Parliament studying

The new legislation also removes additional penalties that will come into effect from April 1st.

Treasury Secretary David Parker said the government wants to encourage regulatory compliance and engagement by responsible parents.

“It is clear that when those penalties increase, some of the penalties for unpaid child support actually deter people from fulfilling their obligations,” he said.

Dr. Russell said the goal of the law is to prepare the child benefit system for the transition to Inland Revenue’s new technology platform, thereby further simplifying the administration of the child benefit system.

“These changes will give Inland Revenue more time to contact parents to clarify child support requirements and include more effective penal rules. Better understanding and regulatory compliance will help keep people out Difficulties encountered.

She said the government wanted to make sure parents were more engaging with the program.

“But the bottom line is that children in the system will benefit from this new legislation,” she said.


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