Household Legislation Lawyer Explains Joint Bodily Custody in New York – Press Launch

Manhattan, NY – New York legal standards for joint custody have changed over the years. Now family law attorneys are having an emotionally difficult time with clients to understand how their custody arrangements will affect them in the long run after all emotions have subsided.

Juan Luciano, Esq. is a seasoned New York family law attorney helping clients consider their needs in a way that will affect their future and that of their children.

In the past, divorce courts have weighed in favor of the mother when determining custody, as in the past mothers stayed at home while fathers stayed off work. This has not been the case for decades, and now the courts understand that, in most cases, children are best served when they have access to both parents.

“Custody refers to where the couple’s children will legally live after the divorce. Joint custody will be shared between the two parents and the child will spend a lot of time living with both of them. While joint custody says there will be some form of movement between the two parents’ homes, it doesn’t necessarily mean a 50/50 split between homes. In the best case scenario, a joint custody agreement will examine what is most convenient for both parents, ”said Luciano. “Unfortunately, in the heat of divorce, many parents cannot reach an agreement, especially when it comes to child custody and support. If the courts intervene, they have lost the right to determine what is best for their children and it becomes the court’s decision. This is where a family law attorney often has to break this party divide and try to overcome the intense emotions of the present while pondering the future. “

Joint custody can be very flexible when it comes to parents’ schedules and obligations. What a parent cannot accommodate during the week, he or she can get more parental leave on weekends or during school holidays. Many different schedules are commonly used for parents who share joint custody.

“Research has also shown that children benefit when both parents are actively involved in their lives. Joint custody will ensure this. However, many couples find it difficult to come to these agreements at a time of great hostility. Family law attorneys must endeavor to bring couples back to what is ultimately in their best interests and in the best interests of their children. They can benefit greatly from shared physical custody later on, but right now it’s a touch point where many customers have difficulty seeing the past. As soon as the courts can decide, they have to live with that decision, good or bad. “

Custody matters are often complicated and rarely simple. During his 15 years as a family lawyer in New York City, Mr. Luciano has taken the time to understand his clients’ needs and feelings and guide them through challenging custody issues.

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