Household court docket custody battle separates heartbroken grandparents from grandchildren | Crime Information

35-year-old Laura Termini, who denies molesting or neglecting one of her daughters, lost an appeal against LoVallo’s decision last month.

Laura Termini, a hairdresser, was given permission to oversee visits to Tessa twice a week but had to move to Florida with Gemma.

As a result, Dominic and Toni Termini now live more than 1,300 miles from their two granddaughters and, in practical terms, cannot see them, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dominic and Toni Termini are not parties to the family court dispute and have never been accused of neglecting or abusing the two girls.

Toni Termini, who runs a second-hand clothing store, and her husband, a furniture upholsterer, say they spent more than $ 100,000 in legal bills on their daughter and themselves, maxing out credit cards, and a second mortgage and one Home equity loans have taken out ends meet.

“You live in Florida, we live here. Dominic and I both work full time, ”Toni Termini told The Buffalo News. “We no longer see the two little girls we saw almost every day. It tears me apart. I can’t stop crying about it. “

“Our house was once full of life. Now I’m coming home to the Void, ”said her 69-year-old husband.

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