Halle Berry’s Little one Assist Funds Slashed In Half, Ordered To Pay $8,000 Per Month

Under the new arrangement, Halle will pay Gabriel additional child support if her income exceeds 1.95 million in any given year, and she will also have to contribute $ 5,000 towards Gabriel’s attorney’s fees and expenses.

The ex-couple is represented in the contract by high-ranking lawyers. Gabriel is represented by Mark P. Gross von Brot Gross Fishbein, and Halle is represented by Marina Zakiyan by Beck by Elkins Kalt Weintraub Reuben Gartside.

In the future, Halle and Gabriel have agreed to exchange annual income information, which includes full income and expenditure declarations, tax returns and profit and loss statements.

The good news is that they have also agreed to have any future disputes settled through a private judge in order to take this case out of court.

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