Halle Berry Youngster Help Funds Lowered To $8,000 Month-to-month

Halle Berry has scored a win in her ongoing alimony case with her daughter’s father.

The actress has cut her child support for her 13-year-old daughter Nahla, who she shares with her ex Gabriel Aubry, from $ 16,000 to $ 8,000. Sources close to the situation say the two renegotiated support after disagreeing for a while. Under their new agreement, Halle Gabriel will pay $ 85,000 in “retrospective” assistance. She will continue to pay Nahla’s private school fees and health insurance. If at any point Berry’s income exceeds 1.95 million a year, she will have to pay an additional $ 5,000 on top of Gabriel’s legal fees.

To ensure that they both uphold the agreement, Gabriel and Berry will share annual income information.

The new deal comes after the “X-Men” actress voiced her frustration with the alimony she had to pay. The 54-year-old put her complaints on Instagram, sparking a wave of debate about the role of women in childcare.

“I think if a woman or a man has to pay support that goes well beyond what is reasonably needed to support the child, I think that is wrong!” Berry wrote.

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