Halle Berry No Longer Has to Pay $16,000 Per Month In Little one Help as Court docket Cuts Funds In Half

actress Halle Berry got good news from the court about her child support payments with her ex, Gabriel Aubry.The Blast, citing unnamed sources close to the situation, reports that actress “Catwoman” child support for her daughter was paid to Aubry Nahla halved from $ 16,000 to $ 8,000 per month.

The Oscar-winning actress is set to pay Aubry $ 85,000 retrospectively, and she must continue to fund Nahla’s private school tuition and health insurance coverage.

Halle Berry. (Photo: @ halleberry / Instagram)

The initial decision on child support was based on Berry and Aubry’s incomes, EOnline reported. Berry made roughly $ 4.7 million in a nine-month period in 2012, while her ex made $ 192,921 in twelve months from October 2011 to October 2012.

Berry’s child support payments resurfaced when the actress took a picture quote on Instagram last month and said, “Women don’t owe you anything-“

“& That’s on Mary had a little lamb,” added Berry to the caption. One fan took up the comments and wrote: “Halle Berry owes this child alimony and child support – but she called that the N word.”

Berry replied in a post that has since been deleted: “It takes great strength every day to pay him. By the way, it’s wrong and it’s blackmail! “

“Do you think that men who pay child support and child support are wrong? And is it blackmail? “Another fan asked Berry.

“I’m not going to talk about maintenance because I never asked for or paid for it,” the actress made clear.

“As for child benefit, I can talk about it because I’ve been paying it for a decade. I think if a woman or a man has to pay support well beyond what is reasonable to support the child, I think that is wrong! “

Berry went on to write that she believes that both men and women are financially responsible for looking after children in this day and age, and both parties must strive to do so.

“The way many laws are made, people are allowed to USE children to get money for a lifestyle that they not only don’t deserve, but that goes well beyond the child’s reasonable needs, and that’s THE WRONG and where I do See abuse, ”said Berry.

Berry is also still fighting a divorce from the French film actor Oliver Martinez. The two share a 7-year-old son Maceo Robert Martinez.

Her divorce from Martinez was announced in 2015. Vanity Fair reported that Berry is not paying child support for Maceo as the divorce proceedings are pending.

Berry is currently in a relationship with her new boyfriend, the singer From Hunt. While she still has a significant amount of money to pay to her ex-Aubry, the cut in child support is a huge win for the Hollywood star.

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