Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Change Custody Association For Son

When summer is in full swing, travel and custody regulations tend to change – even for celebrities! Halle Berry and her ex-husband, Olivier Martinez, who share joint custody of their son Maceo, have agreed to change their regular summer custody plan to ensure they can both take little Maceo on a fancy vacation.

In new court documents received by The Blast, Halle and Olivier have set certain days of the week during the summer for their term with their son, and according to their agreement, there will be “no restrictions on the parties’ ability to travel” with Maceo outside of California during their Imprisonment “. When Maceo travels for a custody swap, Halle and Olivier have agreed that his nanny will accompany him if he is not accompanied by one of the parents.

The new details

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Halle and Olivier have agreed to meet and discuss regarding Maceo’s summer trip and exchange details of the airline and transportation and will work together as necessary to facilitate the trip. Their agreement also regulates any disputes they may have regarding “a right to catch-up time and how much catch-up time each of them has”. If Halle or Olivier want to make changes to their current agreement, they must agree to the change in writing, by email or text and confirm it. The former couple signed their new summer custody agreement last month, and their regular custody agreement will resume this September.

The Oscar-winning actress married actor Olivier Martinez in France in July 2013, and after two years of marriage, Halle filed for divorce with irreconcilable differences. Halle and Olivier received a status judgment in December 2019 and their split has been amicable so far.

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Reduce child support with the other Baby Daddy D

Halle Berry crouched and smiledHalle Berry / Instagram

We broke the story, Halle Berry had a huge court win earlier this year and cut her alimony to her ex-boyfriend in half. Gabriel Aubry. They share custody of their daughter, Nahla, and a California judge signed that Halle gave Gabriel $ 8,000 a month instead of $ 16,000 a month for child support. Halle announced her frustration with the child benefit laws on her social media, saying her previous order on child benefit was “well beyond the reasonable needs of the child,” adding that the laws are “out of date” and “no longer reflect the modern world “.

Halle has come a long way with the fathers of her children. At one point, both Olivier and Gabriel were embroiled in civil harassment and injunction proceedings against each other, with Gabriel Aubry showing up in court with a huge shine! There had been a physical altercation between Olivier and Gabriel and the matter was eventually resolved.

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