Greitens custody battle enters mediation after cellphone data launch

Sheena and Eric Greitens are entering mediation in their child custody case.

This follows a March filing by Sheena Greitens which included explosive accusations of domestic and child abuse, according to reporting by Missouri Independent. Eric Greits on at least eight previous occasions had not agreed to mediation requests from Sheena Greits.

A court hearing that was expected to take at least six hours Friday was delayed until June 24 in Boone County Circuit Court. Sheena Greitens has attempted to get the case moved to Texas, where she now lives.

The Greitenses divorced in 2020, when Sheena Greitens was working for the University of Missouri and living in Boone County.

The first mediation session was held Wednesday. No agreement was reached, according to court documents. The Boone County Circuit Court issued an order appointing a Guardian Ad Litem to advocate for the best interests of the pair’s children during the contested hearings.

Eric Greitens had sought phone records following the March court filing and subsequent reporting by the Associated Press, according to the Missouri Independent.

Eric Greitens, who is in the midst of a bid to replace US Senator Roy Blunt, accused Sheena Greitens of conspiracy, alleging she worked with former presidential adviser Karl Rove; Mitch McConnell; Catherine Linkul, Sheena Greitens’ sister; and Austin Chambers, Eric Greitens’ 2016 campaign manager in crafting the filing.

Associate Circuit Judge Leslie Schneider only allowed Eric Greits access to Sheena Greits’ phone records, which showed Sheena Greits “didn’t talk to Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell ‘or any person working for these men’ in the weeks before” the accusations were filed , Missouri Independent reported.

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