Girl will get jail time in custody interference case | Information

A woman from the Edinboro area was tried in the Crawford County Court of Common Pleas for disrupting custody of a child.

Ariann Nishnick, 28, was sentenced Thursday by President Judge John Spataro to three to 18 months in prison, with no fines or legal costs for interfering with a child’s custody, a second degree offense. She received a 295-day prison sentence from Spataro and was released on parole. Nishnick faced up to two years in prison and a $ 5,000 fine.

Last year, Nishnick was accused by the Pennsylvania State Police of taking a child under the age of 18 out of a home in the Cussewago Ward on January 14, 2020. According to court documents, the resident of the house had full custody of the child. Nishnick abandoned the child unharmed at the State Police barracks in Meadville after being contacted by authorities, according to court documents.

Nishnick has been charged with the crimes of concealing a child’s whereabouts and an infringement of custody. She pleaded guilty to the District Court in December 2020 of disrupting the custody charge in a letter of consent with the Crawford District Attorney’s Office.

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