Future’s BM Eliza Reign Claps Again At Haters Over Little one Assist Battle

The mother of Future’s 1-year-old daughter Reign has a message for people saying she has to accept the $ 1,000 the rapper offered to pay.

The future was at the center of a heated legal battle with Eliza Reign. Eliza and the 37-year-old rapper began the fight back in 2018 when she sued him for paternity, alimony and custody of the 1-year-old daughter. The two parts that Future played were his. After the paternity test turned out positive, the two have been arguing in court about child support. Following recent reports that Eliza tried to see the rapper’s financial records, the influencer clapped haters on Instagram, saying she should just take the $ 1,000 future offered to her.

“The truth is that black people are so deeply conditioned to hate themselves, especially black women, that we don’t even notice it,” she wrote on Instagram, arguing that internalized anti-blackness was why people made theirs say she should accept the amount. She continued, “They tell me, take the 1000 and move on. It doesn’t even take a 1000 to raise a baby.”

“But when these white women ask for 9 million on the blogs, then it starts HOW SHE SHOULD be,” she said with the emoji painting nail. She added the heading “PickMEsha” and referred to the women who came for her as “Pick-Mes”.

New legal papers received Eliza is reportedly working to send more subpoenas this year to Wells Fargo Bank, where she believes Future may have an account. The future has not yet addressed any of the drama.

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