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Child Tax Credit Fraud: FBI Warning

Any notice offering help with filing for child tax deduction or expediting monthly payments is likely a scam, the FBI reminds us. If you receive unwanted calls or messages, Taxpayers should not provide personally identifiable information, click links, or open attachments as this can lead to loss of money, tax fraud and identity theft.

Even though Scammers are constantly inventing new schemes to take taxpayers off guardThere are easy ways to tell if this is really the IRS.

– The IRS will not contact taxpayers via email, text message, or social media channels to request personal or financial information, including child tax credit information.

– The IRS does not leave any pre-recorded, urgent or threatening messages. Aggressive calls warning taxpayers of lawsuit or arrest are fake.

– The IRS will not call taxpayers and ask them to provide or verify financial information so they can receive monthly child tax credit payments.

The IRS does not request payment by gift card, wire transfer, or cryptocurrency.

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