For Latino tenants, looking for lease reduction has been fraught. Virginia guarantees extra help is on the way in which. | Richmond Native Information

The rent relief program included six months of payments for them through April. But in May it fell back again. When she went to the administration office to reapply with her landlord, the staff were not helpful, she said.

“They put up barriers,” said Aguilar, a Honduran immigrant, through a translator. “They don’t say, ‘You have been my customer for 11 years. Let me see how I can help. ‘”

Southwood property manager Carroll Steele has not returned any calls or emails seeking an interview this week.

As part of the landlord-initiated process, the program paid $ 1.26 million for 271 applications to Southwood Apartments LLC, a company affiliated with Seminole Trail Properties in Charlottesville. According to Virginia Housing, an additional 173 applications for households in Southwood were pending as of last week.

The dollar amount and number of pending applications ranked third in the state on the Landlord’s Portal, behind multi-family homeowners Weinstein Services, LLC and KRS Holdings. However, the figures do not include applications submitted by tenants in a separate admissions process run by the Ministry of Housing and Community Development.

With the help of Camacho, Aguilar now plans to do so in order to be overtaken. She remains unemployed due to illness. Thousands of child child support payments owed by her ex-husband are still outstanding, she said. It barely scratches past, but the rent is still due.

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