Followers Theorize That Mr. Huge Has a Secret Youngster After New Forged Announcement

From July 28th, Sex and the City fans will have even more information about the upcoming restart. And Just Like That … began filming in New York City in early July. Since then, HBO Max has released a steady stream of information, mostly about the cast. Today they announced a new, young character to join the cast. The announcement made fans theorize what all of this could mean. Some fans think that Mr. Big has a secret kid.

HBO Max announced the addition of Isaac Powell to the cast of “And Just Like That …”

HBO Max has announced the actors who will play key characters in And Just Like That. On July 28, the show’s official Instagram page announced the actors who will be portraying Brady Hobbes and Lily and Rose Goldenblatt. Two other young actors are also to be added to the cast. Your connection to the main actor remains unknown. Cree Chicchino joins as Luisa Torres and Isaac Powell will play a character named George.

Isaac Powell | Walter McBride / Getty Images

According to Deadline, “Powell will be portraying George, a student at the famous Fashion Institute of Technology who disobeys fashion / gender norms. He is described as having a calm demeanor and self-processed energy beyond his young years. HBO Max didn’t provide any further information on the role, and fans quickly discovered that George is the only character who doesn’t seem to have a surname yet. However, some fans believe they figured it all out.

Could George be a secret child of Mr. Big, some ‘Sex and the City’ fans wonder?

Fans of Sex and the City think a secret kid might come into play. They found that while the plot seems far-fetched, there is some evidence that suggests it may be true. Bridget Moynahan was spotted on the set and is believed to play her role as Natasha, Mr. Big’s second wife. Fans have suspected on Instagram that Moynahan is the mother of Big’s secret child, which is why she has returned. Granted, the timing is right.

Bridget Moynahan and Sarah Jessica Parker sit together on the set of Bridget Moynahan and Sarah Jessica Parker | James Devaney / GC Images

Season 3 of Sex and the City aired in 2000. Moynahan was last seen in the October 2000 episode “What Goes Around Comes Around”. Natasha had already divorced Big by this point, but there is no way of telling how long their breakup lasted. Sex and the City largely existed in a time bubble, with absolutely no holiday markers for reference.

Page Six’s leaked script page could also hint at a secret kid that Big paid for. Carrie notes that in the brief leaked scene, she was “just one of the women he cared about”. Several fans have theorized that Big could have kept a money secret from Carrie. At first they assumed that it was maintenance payments, but child support does not seem to be an option either.

Will HBO reveal the plot to Max before “And Just Like That …” airs?

If fans were hoping for clarification from HBO Max about George and his relationship with the main cast, they probably won’t get it. HBO Max was incredibly secretive about the upcoming series. It is unlikely that they will share key plot points before it is released.

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker is shooting a promotional video for the hit HBO series, Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw | Mark Mainz / Getty Images

Speaking of the release, when exactly will And Just Like That… premiere on the streaming service? The production team has not yet announced an official release date. Parade is optimistic, but the broadcast date is not far off. According to the publication And Just Like That … is due to be released sometime in 2021. With filming officially beginning, fans can watch a new series through Thanksgiving.

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