Followers Slam Rebecca For Utilizing Youngster Assist Cash in Zied’s Enterprise And In Her Make-up Procedures

Years earlier, 90-day fiancée Rebecca Parrott was in the spotlight because of her unpaid child benefit. Fans also slammed the reality star for failing to pay their house rents. And once again, 90-day fiancé fans circled Rebecca Parrot for spending her child support on Zied’s business and plastic surgery. She’s spent a ton of money on her makeup procedures lately. Well, she definitely didn’t get that much money from the show itself. So where does all of the money Rebecca spends on her makeup lifts come from? Let’s examine the answer below.

90-Day Fiancé: Fans beat up Rebecca Parrott for spending money on her child’s upkeep for her makeup and Zied’s business

Is Rebecca misusing all of the child benefits? In case you didn’t know, child support is the regular payment for a child’s financial benefit, followed by the end of the marriage or relationship. And recently, fans took it on the Reddit thread to talk about how Rebecca is spending her child support. Although the fans don’t know whether the reality stars still have the child benefit or not. Many speculate that the 90-day fiancé star is using money on child support to help build Zied’s business. One fan also made fun of by saying, “She spent money on child support on Zied Merch and they say romance is dead.”

Some assume that Rebecca never requested the return. Another slam: “Hey, she spent all of her money on makeup, lightning, background checks, Photoshop software, and the metal shopping cart she kept in her apartment. That is, there was no way she could pay child support. “

Rebecca has done a lot in her life these days. As we have already reported, she recently started Pillow Talk & Co with Zied. At the same time, the reality star was found to have done a lot of makeup procedures in the past few months. Rebecca is 50 years old and looks so younger than she is. All of this happened because of her makeup treatments and surgeries.

And fans are now wondering how Rebecca can pay so much. The star wouldn’t be able to afford such a lavish life with the TLC show. It seems that the reality star is spending everything she has on her makeup procedures.

90-Day Fiancé: Rebecca was previously evicted for child support

According to the Starcasm report, Rebecca’s first ex-husband filed a contempt motion against her for failing to pay the money to support children. And it totaled thousands of dollars. Rebecca Parrott, who was always open about the current situation in her life, responded to their evictions. At the time, the star made it clear that she has a personal life like anyone else.

In addition, it is not perfect and it is obvious that there is a problem in every life. Rebecca knows she is a public figure and her life is known to everyone. It certainly caused trouble, but she will have to deal with it because it is something she chose to live for.

Rebecca has three children, ages 28, 25, and 22. All are adults. And many states stop child support when the child grows up. However, each state has different obligations. Hence, we cannot say with certainty that Rebecca is not valid for the use of child alimony. However, she has certainly skipped some payments in the past. Maybe Rebecca has other ways to earn money to pay for her expensive makeup procedures. And fans hope that one day she will reveal the resource.

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