Eto’o and never paying little one help: Mom and daughter can die for all I care, go away me in peace

fOrmer professional footballerSamuel Eto’o is embroiled in controversy after it came to light that he does not pay child support for his daughter.

Additionally, some harsh statements have been revealed where he demanded a friend not to bother him with this issue because for him they do not exist, it is as if she and her mother were dead.

Although Erika Eto’o do Rosario is legally the Cameroonian’s daughter, the sportsman continues not to fulfill any of his obligations as a father.

That is why, four years after discovering the identity of her father and after having obtained the corresponding legal recognition, the young woman has started, together with her mother, a new legal battle.

They are claiming from Eto’o the 1,400 euros per month that a judge decreed he should pay as child support, according to information gathered by El Mundo. The amount has never been paid and the sum owed is now close to 40,000 euros.

the mother Adileusa ‘Dee Dee’ do Rosario has spoken to La Vanguardia and streeses that what is being claimed from the former Barcelona footballer is all for her daughter.

“He has never given her anything. He hasn’t even given the child a lollipop since the day she was born,” Adileusa told La Vanguardia.

“Absolutely nothing, not even with a court decision.

“She has grown up without her father and she feels very sorry for him because he has not even given her the opportunity to meet him.”

Eto’o’s incredible attitude of rejection towards his daughter

The mother’s anger is such that she does not hesitate to share the harshest details of the non-existent relationship between the ex-footballer and his daughter.

The sportsman’s ignorance of everything that had to do with Erika goes as far as his not knowing about the operation that the girl underwent when she was three and a half years old, when she ended up having a kidney removed.

“The doctors needed to know the medical history of the parents, to find out if there was a history,” said Adileusa.

“She was three and a half years old. I contacted a mutual friend and he said he’d rather not insist.

“‘Look, Dee Dee, I’ve already told him and the last time he said ‘I don’t care if the mother and child die, leave me alone’. I was absolutely broken.”

Samuel Eto’o and his history of paternity suits

The case of Erika Eto’o is not the first paternity suit involving the Cameroonian former footballer that has ended up being resolved in court.

In 2004, a court in Palma de Mallorca ruled in favor of Anna Barricaa young woman he met in Palma de Mallorca and with whom he had a three-month relationship that ended when she became pregnant.

However, over the years, Samuel Eto’o has been dodging the payment of the alimony imposed by the judge and both Barranca and her daughter Annie have taken him to court on at least two other occasions (2019 and 2020) in the hope that the Cameroonian sportsman will pay them the arrears (of 10,000 per month) he’s run up in child support payments due.

In addition, in 2018, the mother of another of his children, Maria Angeles Pinedademanded the payment of 16,400 euros in alimony owed by the player.

initially, Eto’o was supposed to pay her 3,000 euros a month, but the amount was reduced to 900 euros after the footballer agreed to pay the child’s school fees. However, he has not paid this amount either.

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