Elevations RTC Brings Therapeutic and Help to the Complete Household

Salt Lake City, Utah, Dec. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Elevations RTC, an inpatient treatment center in the greater Salt Lake City area, focuses on more than just the teenagers they bring to campus each year. While their rehabilitation process is a major focus, helping families at home is also important to them.

It is easy to erase a lot of hard work and steps toward a better future without a supportive family at home. Rather than making families feel cut off from loved ones, Elevations RTC employees lean the other way. With the right support, the healing process becomes much easier.

How families stay connected

Families have many ways to stay connected, even if they sometimes feel far away. With several options, parents can choose what works best for them and their schedule. Elevations RTC always tries to offer as many options as possible to ensure that every family feels accommodated in some way.

New parenting orientation

Parents of new students have the opportunity to meet everyone who works with their teenagers on campus. Orientation is an open forum where parents can ask questions and even see examples of how a typical day takes center stage.

It is common for parents to be able to ask and turn to new questions all year round. Reconnecting with the parents at home early in the year will create a better relationship that will last for the duration of your stay.

Therapy and family support

The easiest way to get in touch with families in the United States is to host a weekly family support group session through video chat. Parents can ask questions that may arise about curriculum, programming, and therapy, or they can share ideas from other parents dealing with similar issues.

These family support sessions are assisted by the Elevations RTC clinical staff, and guests join the group to discuss specific scenarios from time to time. For example, Elevations RTC is happy to bring back alumni parents of alumni to help current parents better understand the ups and downs.


Part of the healing process is finding ways that the family can have time to work on improving the momentum. While parents spend most of their time separating from their children at Elevations RTC, there are parenting seminars a few times a year that focus on experimental and therapeutic interventions.

These two-day events have been very well received over the years, so that young people can get back in touch with their families personally. It will also give families a first hand presentation of some of the progress their teenagers have made so far. Not only do parents get reassurance that their child is on the right track, but they also feel more connected and understand that everyone is involved in it together.


Finally, there is always the option to plan visits to campus. Parents are encouraged to visit when possible, and there are accommodations available to help with day trips to campus, overnight trips, and more. The primary therapist will also work with parents to prepare for home visits during treatment.

Some students receive recommended home visits based on a variety of factors. Life on campus is still essential as part of the treatment process, but home visits are also part of the clinical process.

Preparing for a return home

Elevations RTC strives to create a real family atmosphere on campus, but there is no substitute for home. Families experience challenging times with a loved one who is away from home and treated.

For more information on how families can stay connected at Elevations RTC, visit liftationsrtc.com. Various resources are available for those interested in how the right inpatient treatment center can make a life-long difference for a teen.

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