Efforts to help the households of Atlanta’s capturing victims are ongoing. Here is methods to assist.

Yong Yue, 63, did a weekly ritual of going to the grocery store and preparing a traditional Korean dinner. Her son Rob Peterson will miss her most of all on these trips after Yue was killed in the Atlanta attacks.

“Mom was an amazing woman who loved showing off her homemade Korean food and Korean karaoke to our family and friends,” Peterson wrote on a GoFundMe page organized to help cover the immediate family expenses after Yu’s death.

The donations will be used to cover travel expenses for the memorial service, to organize Yue’s affairs and to cover funeral expenses.

“Wow, we are really overwhelmed with the amount of support and comfort we have received from the various community members, family members and friends,” Peterson wrote in an update on the Sunday page. “My mother would be so proud that my brother and I not only get along, but are surrounded by good spirits and exalt her inheritance.”

Paul Andres Michels, 54, who was killed Tuesday in one of the spas, was a U.S. Army veteran and married for 30 years. This emerges from a GoFundMe that was organized by the employee of his wife Bonnie Michels.

Michels was a business owner who moved to Atlanta from Detroit, where he grew up.

“My brother is a very hardworking, loving husband, a good brother,” said John Michels, his brother, on NBC’s “TODAY” show. “A man who would do anything for someone if he needed it.”

According to the GoFundMe page, the donations will be used to cover funeral expenses.

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