Don’t Name Them a Narcissist – Licensed Divorce Monetary Advisor Phoenix

• Don’t call them a “narcissist”!

As tempting as that is, it absolutely fails and makes matters worse. Instead, they are obsessed with proving that you are the one who has the problem.

• Don’t argue with them.

You don’t have to defend yourself because it’s not about you. It’s really about her and her personality. They have no insight into their own behavior and see things in all or nothing. You see yourself as a victim and it’s your fault.

• Set boundaries for your activities.

You’ve probably tried to calm a narcissist for years, right? Bill Eddy has a saying he uses … “FORGET!” They are not going to change them, so work on changing your reaction to them.

• Get support and advice.

Your self-esteem can be drained from all the insults, criticisms, embarrassment, and shame. Bill Eddy suggests getting help from professionals such as a coach or therapist.

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