Divorced Mothers Needs To Function Your Writing!

Are you a passionate, talented writer or professional who wants to share your story or expertise?

You know you want to write for us!

Do you enjoy writing about women’s issues? Are you divorced or an expert on issues women face before, during, and after divorce? If so, DivorcedMoms.com is looking for you.

Here at Divorced Moms we want to expand our list of writers to bring in more talented, funnier, or even more serious writers. We want fresh stories, fun stories, and expert articles to help grow the divorced mothers community.

Write for divorced mothers

What are we looking for?

We would like to publish in-person essays about your divorce experience, the challenges you have faced since your divorce, and how you managed to survive and thrive. We would like to publish articles on women’s issues, cultural issues that women generally face, written from a unique and diverse perspective. Here at Divorced Moms we love smart, well-written articles that are original and unique … from your point of view in your own voice.

What is right for divorced mothers?

Stories of great women doing great things. Stories that highlight struggles and creative problem solving, tell us about dream jobs and how to get one, write about positive body image, give our readers your best beauty tips, or show them how to make things boil in the kitchen through recipes and pictures.

Write about women on the news; Tell us about friendships and how to cultivate them, share them with our readers about dating and relationships and how to survive this aspect of finding new love after divorce. Share essays about adversity in your life and how you overcame it.

We want stories that make us feel all together, all women!

What is wrong with divorced mothers?

Detective stories, meanness, anger, or anything that makes our readers leave the site with the doldrums. There is no room for pessimism with divorced mothers.

Who do we want to introduce?

We’re looking for writers who are smart, funny, and creative with strong writing and grammar skills and who are going through or have already survived the divorce. We want you to be able to tell an interesting story, share a story that engages and encourages others. We want dedicated writers who can contribute regularly on a weekly basis, or at least like-minded people who love women / mothers and topics related to women and their empowerment.

If this sounds like a perfect fit, submit your item for review at https://divorcedmoms.com/submit. We do not accept items by email.

We are happy to hear from them!

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