Division of Baby Assist Providers accepting faculty provide donations

REDDING, California. – As the new school year approaches, the need for school supplies, which are needed due to the pandemic, also increases.

If you want to help and donate school supplies, you can hand them in at the Department of Child Support Services in Redding.
People need the basics like backpacks, pens, pencils, paper, notebooks and folders.

“Every family that drives through with their children, every child receives a backpack with school supplies free of charge,” said Lana Johnson, outreach coordinator for the Department of Child Support Services. “There is no registration, there is no fee. To fill the backpacks with school supplies, we will hopefully accept donations from the public.”

The ministry said families can typically spend between $ 100 and $ 200 per child on school supplies.

Not only do people have to donate school supplies, they take cash or gift cards with them.

The last day of donation is July 30th.

The drive-through school supplies giveaway will be held next month as children from transition kindergarten to high school are eligible for the giveaway.

Last year the department provided school supplies to more than 160 children.

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