‘Discover solution to give youngster’s custody to genetic dad and mom’

  • Ahmedabad Mirror
  • 25-06-2022 06:00 AM

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High Court asks govt to place provisions of law that can allow this

Gujarat High Court on Friday asked the state government to place the provisions of law that can allow custody of a girl born through a surrogate mother to her intended parents.
Meanwhile, the surrogate mother filed an affidavit consenting to hand over the custody of the girl to the intending parents with whom she had drawn a contract of being surrogate mother. The court will conduct further hearing on the issue on Monday. The government submitted that it does not have any objection if the genetic parents meet the newborn.
The couple had approached the high court as the Gomtipur police and Sabarmati jail authorities refused to hand over custody of the newborn to the genetic couple as per the agreement with the surrogate mother.

Agreement & consent
On December 27, 2021, the couple drew an agreement with the woman who consented to conceive the child through surrogacy. She was to hand over the child immediately after the birth.
The woman became pregnant and her treatment was going on at a well-known IVF center in the city.
However, events took a turn as the surrogate mother recently got arrested by Gomtipur police in an alleged offense of abduction of a girl in February. Her name was not mentioned in the FIR but it was allegedly revealed in the investigation.
She was sent to Sabarmati jail after the interrogation. The woman had labor pain at the jail on June 20 and was taken to the Civil hospital where she gave birth to the baby girl on June 21.

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