Custody invoice despatched to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Tallahassee (CBSMiami / NSF)

The move to incorporate a range of parenting rights related to child rearing and health care into state law was one of 24 bills officially sent to Governor Ron DeSantis on Friday.

A draft law (HB 241) passed in the session on April 30th regulates the right of parents to “direct the upbringing and care of underage children”. This includes the rights “Access and Review”. All school materials that relate to the student. “

Proponents of the law said it would help parents know their rights.

“What we are seeing is government power gradually invading and expanding. It will do this until the parents claim the rights they have, but they do. You need to know what those rights are to be claimed, ”said Senate sponsor Ray Rodriguez, R-Estero, in April.

However, Equality Florida LGBTQ advocates said on their website that the law could force schools to exclude LGBTQ youths in the face of unsupportive or dangerous home environments. “.

DeSantis also received several state bills on Friday to prevent local governments from blocking the use of fuels such as natural gas for power generation (HB 919).

The bill was opposed by groups such as the Nikki Fried Agricultural Commissioner and the Florida Wildlife Federation.

DeSantis has a grace period of 15 days to sign, reject or enact the bill without his signature.

Custody bill to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

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