COVID Aid in India: How You Can Assist

Help children in India through St. Jude’s Charitable Trust

The children’s home has long supported the efforts of St. Jude’s Charitable Trust (SJCT) in Kerala, India to provide high quality care, medical care and therapeutic services to children in institutional settings. We would now like to share what SJCT is doing in response to the devastating COVID surge in India and ask you to consider supporting their efforts.

SJCT provides medical supplies and PPE supplies for orphanages struggling with the effects of COVID in their communities. Orphanages, especially government-run facilities, are in trouble due to limited funding and limited supplies that can run out in a matter of days. SJCT raises funds to procure the supplies they need by forwarding them directly to orphanages with whom they are in direct contact.

SJCT explains: Oxygen is also needed as there are no beds even for children who are supposed to be admitted to hospitals. Staff who have been infected and rescued are weak and exhausted, and many orphanages need temporary child carers. It’s a sad situation. In the first phase, SJCT has identified 12 very needy orphanages and is arranging masks, gloves and PPE kits. With the lockdown, it will take time to get these supplies to the orphanages.

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Children’s Home, India Program Team

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