Courtroom Points Gag Order in Speaker Ken Lusaka’s Little one Assist Case

A court in Nairobi has banned the media from covering the trial of a woman seeking $ 25 million in child support from Senate spokesman Kenneth Lusaka.

Lawyer Danstan Omari, who represented the woman, requested the gag orders against all media houses, which the resident of Nairobi, F. Terer, approved on Monday.

“That a gag order is hereby issued to all print or electronic mass media in Kenya, which makes the case accessible, publishes, broadcasts, tells or comments in newspapers, magazines, weekly magazines and television or radio programs,” says the gag order.

The case will be mentioned on Wednesday, July 28, 2021, with an update on the status of the negotiations between Lusaka and the woman about an out-of-court settlement.

Through his attorney, Peter Wanyama, Lusaka informed the court that it was ready and willing to pay for the cost of prenatal care.

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