Cordell & Cordell’s Digital City Corridor Affords Tips about Progressing Your Divorce Case Throughout COVID-19

When you know that your marriage is irrevocably broken and you want to move your life forward, you don’t want to wait and face delays for whatever reason. You want to find out who is getting what and create parenting schedules with your shared children so you can help them adapt, and you can adapt too.

You may be like many divorced spouses across the country, dealing with a family court system that has been hampered by restrictions. COVID-19 has changed the way the court system operates and restructured many of its capabilities. Many hearings are currently being held virtually via videoconferencing, while others have been delayed in anticipation of increasing restrictions.

Cordell & Cordell hosted a virtual town hall hosted by CEO, Executive Managing Partner Scott Trout, and a group of US family law attorneys. They highlighted the changes that have been made to the family court system and provided insight into cases where progress can be made.

Preparation of the “weekend divorce”

You might be like select couples investigating “weekend divorce” according to 13NewsNow. This phenomenon was popularized during the pandemic and aims to divorce couples who may be more consensual. Cordell & Cordell attorneys examined the implications of this streamlined process and warned of the simplified expectations that might result from it.

“This ‘weekend divorce’ seemed a bit too far for some of the people we represent,” said Trout. “It took them to a room and told them you would go in on a Friday and be married. You can guarantee on Sunday to get off with a divorce settlement. ‘”

While the weekend divorce schedule doesn’t mean a divorced spouse would end the weekend as an individual, it does mean that arrangements can be made on simplistic matters. However, the Cordell & Cordell Arizona litigation director Tali Collins warned against sticking to this mental schedule.

“I don’t like it when customers get the buyer’s regrets,” said Ms. Tali. “You want plenty of time to think about the decisions you are making and what are most important to you.”

Explore mediation

Even if it doesn’t get it over the course of a weekend, you can still consider formal or informal mediation during your divorce process so that your lawyer can assist you in achieving your goals.

“Mediation is a great tool for resolving controversial problems,” said Ashley Ward of Cordell & Cordell Maryland. “It can be a full agreement, or what I like to call a global agreement.

“In Maryland we don’t have ‘weekend divorces,’ but we do have grounds for divorce with the title Mutual Approval. When you have a global agreement on property, custody, and all other aspects of marriage and family, the court will divorce you without waiting. “

Discovery and Fall Strategies

If, like most, you are going through the divorce process during COVID-19, you may not have the luxury of being able to reach friendly agreements in such short periods of time. You may have to wait for a family court to resolve existing issues like custody or asset sharing. Even if there are delays and restrictions in court, there are still ways your attorney can remain proactive in your case.

“To me, discovery is all about preparation and proactive action,” said Ms. Ward. “You don’t have to be on trial to be discovered. This can continue despite what is happening in the judicial system. “

When facing a divorce and facing delays and restrictions in a family court system, it is important that you keep in touch with your attorney and study your case and your future. You can stay active and partake in your attorney’s strategies that best suit your situation.

“Your attorney should have discussions with you, especially if there are experts or other involved,” said David Thomas, litigation attorney at Cordell & Cordell. “If you have an accounting professional to assess the value of a company or track accounting records, these processes can sometimes take two or three months or more on the short end.”

It is possible to move your case forward even during COVID-19. With the help of your lawyer, you can move forward with your divorce and create a new life for you and your children.

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