Companies obtainable for youngster custody enforcement, abduction and visitation points

Acorn Staff

The Ventura County district attorney’s office’s child abduction and recovery unit is available to assist the public with child custody enforcement matters.

According to the California Department of Justice’s Reports of Missing Children, in 2021 1,518 children in California were reported missing due to parental abduction.

District attorneys throughout the state are required to respond to a parental child abduction.

The recovery unit assists all victims of parental child abductions regardless of their immigration status.

Under the provisions of the California family code, the recovery unit must “take all actions necessary” to find abducted children and their abductors, return the children to their lawful custodians, and enforce custody and visitation orders.

The goal is to ensure peaceful enforcement of court custody orders for the benefit of the parents, children and other family members involved in a parental abduction.

The recovery unit does not represent either parent or party and is not a substitute for private counsel.

For assistance with enforcing custody or visitation orders, call the unit at (805) 662-1755.

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