Clinton Portis’ arrest order issued for unpaid youngster assist

The Alachua County, Florida court has issued a warrant for the arrest of the former NFL who is pushing back Clinton Portis for unpaid child support.

Judge George M. Wright of the 8th Judicial District ordered an appearance through August 6 on July 21, according to court records. When Portis failed to show up, the judge issued the warrant on August 14 and changed the bail to $ 148,032.49 last Friday.

Additional court documents obtained from the Alachua Chronicle said Portis – who filed for bankruptcy in 2015, five years after his retirement – had “the means and ability to pay, a guaranteed income and substantial retirement assets.”

Court records show that for a child born in March 2015, the case began in October 2019. The Alachua Chronicle reported that the two-time pro bowler did not make a single monthly payment of the $ 1,937 court-ordered child support.

Portis made more than $ 43 million per Spotrac during his career.

The ex-Miami Hurricanes star began his professional career with the Denver Broncos in 2002 and has spent the last seven seasons with Washington. He played more than eight games (six) each year, running over 1,200 yards.

In December 2019, Portis was one of 10 NFL players named in a suspected NFL health program fraud scheme for seeking reimbursements of nearly $ 4 million for medical devices that were never purchased.

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