Chinook Baby Advocacy Centre searching for neighborhood help – Lethbridge

The Chinook Child Advocacy Center (CCAC) is continuing its “Give Support Give Hope” fundraiser, which will help the center accomplish its mission.

The CCAC will soon be one of eight centers in Alberta that provide a safe place for children and youth who have experienced abuse or have been severely neglected to share their stories and receive support.

The center will provide valuable resources needed to assist children through all of the disclosure, investigative and judicial process they must go through in handling cases of sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

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The Chinook Sexual Assault Center is launching a campaign for the Child Advocacy Center

The CCAC is a community-based response that uses a “seamless, coordinated and collaborative approach to addressing the needs of victims or children and adolescents who have witnessed a crime”.

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CEOK Kristine Cassie stated that sexual violence is closely related to other major health and societal issues such as addiction, mental illness, human trafficking, suicide, parenting challenges, homelessness and domestic violence.

She went on to say that the community must invest early in children’s lives to address these societal concerns.

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While the center continues to prepare for its opening, scheduled for spring, fundraising campaigns are ongoing to help cover costs.

The organization says it will need a forensic interview room that must be soundproofed and contain recording equipment. Special areas for therapy and family gatherings are also required.

The CCAC has a fundraising goal of $ 280,000.

One of the donors who are helping to fund this initiative is the owner of Prime Catering and the Italian table in Lethbridge that sponsors the kitchen.

“The Chinook Child Advocacy Center will address many of the ugliest truths in our society, which manifest themselves in serious social problems,” said Michael Marcotte.

“Unfortunately, children are often the beneficiaries of generational harm, mental health, and addiction.”

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Marcotte went on to say that Negative Childhood Experiences (ACES) require disruption and then the support of traumatized services.

“The antidote to adverse childhood trauma is love and support,” he said.

According to Marcotte, Prime Catering and Italian Table are proud to sponsor the kitchen at CCAC through a suitable donation fund from employees.

“I can’t think of anything upstream in prevention than investing in our most vulnerable children,” he said.

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